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We're Home! Long Distance Moving with Ease.

We introduced the thought that long distance moving can be a party. We covered a gamut of things from selecting a moving company, to learning about the role of your relocation specialist for your move. We also mentioned the importance of tying up all loose ends with utilities, delivering postal notifications and downsizing unwanted items. Now we'd like to share some nuggets about the unloading process. Starting is great, but a strong finish is vital.

Throughout the move of your valuables to your new home, your relocation specialist should provide you with a status report of your shipment. If you don't hear from them, don't hesitate to contact them. Tracking allows you to determine if your items will arrive according to schedule. As a precursor to your arrival and your moving company's arrival you should confirm that utilities are on, your movers have the correct address and best route to get to your new home, and go over with your family their role in the unloading process.

We don't want them to impede your mover's progress in any way. When the moving company arrives at your home there are few things you must do. Let's go over them.
  • Review your move plan with your moving foreman.
  • Review the inventory list as items are being unloaded into your home.
  • Make sure items are being placed in the proper location.
  • Only unpack items that you will need for the first two days. Focus on family time and unpack the rest later.
  • As you unpack, make sure there are no damages. If your moving company is unpacking, supervise them.
  • Manage your boxes and supplies by either storing them in a specified area or prepare them to be recycled.
  • Be prepared to handle payment.
  • Contact your moving company to report the level of quality, service and value provided.
  • Check on your mail delivery.
  • Register your children for school.
  • Check with your utility company on delivery of trash receptacles, water restrictions and more.

All of these tips will help you complete your move successfully. Keep in mind moving is a process. So as you settle into your new home, relax and enjoy it. The party should continue because you selected a reputable moving company for your long distance move that made the transition smooth. Welcome home!

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